Comprehensive cloud-based phone system for businesses

Olivier Pailhes

Co-founder / CEO

Jonathan Anguelov

Co-founder / COO

Aircall, the cloud-based integrated voice platform, closed a $120M Series D announced in 2021. This milestone arrives after a year of exceptional growth for Aircall and further confirms its position as a leader on the market. Aircall will use those funds to provide a richer voice app ecosystem for their customers, while also accelerating their global expansion. The funding round comes at a time where the market is most promising for Aircall, the accelerated digitalization of businesses brings huge development opportunities for the company.

The explosion of remote work as a result of Covid-19 has uncovered the urgent need for a flexible, truly integrated and seamless voice ecosystem for businesses. Aircall has played a crucial role in helping teams in their transition to remote work. With a set-up that’s done in seconds and collaboration at its core, the company is uniquely positioned to continue helping teams better work together from a distance.


Leveraging the power of voice

Aircall is an application that allows any company to easily create, in a few minutes, its telephone support, thanks to an interactive and intuitive voice server, in the cloud, that allows to manage calls within a company. 

The solution allows for example to create queues, share information between employees or install a call button on a website. Easily integrated with the main SaaS tools (Salesforce, Zendesk, Pipedrive, Zoho, Slack...), Aircall offers companies the possibility to open lines in France and worldwide. Today, Aircall boasts more than 3,000 corporate clients, including Uber, Spotahome, Vice and Birchbox, and has already revolutionized corporate communications by shaking up their uses. 

The company operates in 30 countries. Most employees are based in France and in the USA. In 2020, 35% of sales are made in the USA. 

Aircall became a unicorn in June 2021. 

Newfund investor: François Véron