Health data platform for physicians
Agathos - Andrew Trees - Co-Founder
Andrew Trees
Co-Founder & CEO
Agathos - Steve Waye - Co-founder
Steven Waye
Co-founder & COO

Agathos is the first analytics platform that offers precisely attributed individualized physician metrics and personalized care variation insights on inpatient stays.

The current state of the art for hospitals is for the administrator to receive condensed and macro reporting on the cost and quality of care, the granularity rarely goes beyond the department level. On the other end, doctors have little if any visibility on their delivery of care on an aggregated level. Agathos bridges this gap, giving doctors personalized insights, peer comparison and access to related clinical cases. 

With this new data, doctors can then decide how to integrate and adapt it to provide better care for their patients, and optimized delivery of care for the hospital.

Newfund Investor: Henri Deshays

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