Funerals organization goes online.

Philippe Meyralbe

Founder / CEO

It is probably the trade negotiation for which we are least prepared. For families who push the door of a funeral home, the moment is never expected, rarely chosen, but rather a necessary step after the loss of a loved one. Faced with them, an industry that deserves to start over. In any case, this is the opinion of Philippe Meyralbe, founder of AdVitam, a start-up that wants to make mourning cheaper, simpler and above all, much more transparent.

"You have to review everything in the customer experience: here you are, you have no choice but to go to a shop, for two hours face-to-face with a salesman, obviously interested in sales, who will push you to take services, options that you do not necessarily need, at a time when you are not in a position to negotiate," he explains.

First angle of attack: prices. Accessible online and by telephone, the service displays the prices of the most common services from the outset. From 1999€ for a cremation, 2500€ for a burial, which is 25 to 50% cheaper than the two big leaders in the sector, who do not display prices on their sites.

Second innovative argument: Advitam promises to automate and support the termination of the deceased's contracts. Gas, electricity, social service providers, internet and mobile subscriptions, but also social networks. An additional service that has value for loved ones, especially since the service is included in the cost of the funeral.

If competition in the funeral market is intensifying, it is because the aging of the baby boom generation will mechanically lead to an increase in the annual number of deaths in France. It is expected to rise from 600,000 today to 770,000 by 2030.

"We wanted to improve prices, experience, but also reduce paperwork. Today it is the Stone Age, everything is handmade except the invoices" says Philippe Meyralbe. Advitam's strength is that it started by developing software to partially automate administrative procedures.




Newfund investor: Anne-Sophie Nedellec