Quality of life at work platform with a science-based methodology

Léopold Denis and Benjamin Brion


Since May 2017, the start-up Moodwork has been marketing a web platform, also available on mobile phones, to support company employees so that they can develop as well as possible in their work. Developed by Léopold Denis and Benjamin Brion, two graduates of EM Lyon, and by teacher-researchers specialising in emotional intelligence, the Moodwork solution includes a diagnosis and advice component, personal development programmes, as well as employee follow-up, with a scientific dimension.

When an organization equips itself with the solution, each employee has a personal space on the platform where they can test their level of well-being on a monthly basis. Informed of his score, the user is referred to an accompaniment program, or to a psychologist or a coach if his situation is considered critical. 

The solution guarantees confidentiality to employees and is validated by the CNIL. For this to work, Moodwork acts as a trusted third party. Data reported to the general management or human resources are anonymized by entity. Anonymity can only be lifted by Moodwork if an employee is in a high-risk situation. Ultimately, the solution has a direct effect on absenteeism and represents a saving for customers.

"To differentiate ourselves in a thriving HR Tech with many players on the subject of quality of work life (QWL), our competitive advantage lies in an approach based on scientific work. After having established an inventory of the company's needs, the start-up develops well-being questionnaires and personal development programmes, previously tested on typical populations for which the real impact of the programmes has been measured. All this is validated by a scientific committee chaired by Dr Christophe Haag and Professor Moïra Mikolajczak (Catholic University of Louvain).

Moodwork currently supports 35,000 employees of SMEs or large groups such as Bnp Paribas, EDF, Engie, Mercedes or LVMH. The average monthly usage rate is 42% after 7 months of use, a level that validates the usefulness of the solution and proves employee buy-in. The start-up has set itself the objective of becoming a partner in the Quality of Life at Work for 150,000 employees in France and Europe by the end of 2020.

Investor: Patrick Malka