Guidance education platform in high schools and colleges

Hector Balas


Which family did not experience the headache of orientation choices at the end of high school or college? It is this relatively unaddressed theme that Impala is tackling.

Startup edtech launched in 2016 specialized in guidance, Impala deploys digital tools in SaaS mode on guidance education in middle and high schools. Rather than directing students towards careers, it provides teachers with a tool that is integrated into the curriculum that allows students to discover themselves in order to be better able to choose their path. Example: The team at the Lycée St Nicolas in Paris, looks back on 2 years of partnership with Impala.

Led by Hector Balas, the team is now composed of 22 people divided 50-50 (Product-Business). Its national coverage is spread over more than 65 departments in more than 200 high schools, mainly at this stage of private education. In addition to the public sector, the company wishes to extend its service to professional retraining but also to other European countries in the coming years.



Newfund Investor : Patrick Malka