3rd party javaScript security
Maggie Louie
Founder / CEO
Josh Summitt
Founder / CTO

DEVCON is a cyber security software company providing real-time, continuous protection from 3rd Party JavaScript vulnerabilities, Dom-Permissioning® and Ad Tech Security® with less than a 5 minute integration, under 4ms of latency add, monitor thousands of behaviours, fully customizable.

  • Two of the top 5 data breaches of 2018 were due to 3PJS security flaws.
  • 4,818 unique websites were compromised with form-jacking code every month in 2018…this increase in form-jacking reflects the general growth in supply chain attacks
  • If JavaScript components aren't contained and limited in what they can access, attackers can potentially exploit them to access and manipulate systems and execute malicious code even zero day attacks.

The company is based in Memphis with an office in Atlanta.