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Zimmer acquires Medtech

July 18th, 2016 - Zimmer Biomet ($ZBH, NYSE) announces the acquisition of Medtech SA ($ROSA, Euronext) for €50 per share, a 62% premium on last quote.


Newfund sold its stake that represented 22% of pre-diluted capital. A public offer will follow on the remaining shares.


The transaction is a recognition for Medtech SA’s robotic solutions. The company is a world leader for brain robotic surgery, opening the way to epilepsy treatment by electrodes and to deep brain simulation (DBS) for diseases such as Parkinson and other neurological pathologies.


Newfund was Medtech SA’s first institutional investor and has supported the company all along since 2010. We thank Medtech SA’s founder and CEO Bertin Nahum and his team for this outstanding journey.

1,5 millions de campings cars en Europe, 420.000 campings cars en France et 1 seul réseau d’aires d’accueil,… https://t.co/J5KrwuGrjB

Jean-Baptiste Delattre, https://t.co/QhRR8Ef9sW : « Nous modélisons les parcours de 35 millions de personnes » : https://t.co/PgfcuAY7oL

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Le Pitch: Les Petits Prödiges VS Archibien - 11/06

Quand Augustin Sayer fait pitcher des startups sur BFM.TV

Clémentine Granet, co-fondatrice de la start-up Les Petits Prödiges, et Olivier Menard, fondateur d'Archibien, ont répondu aux questions d'Augustin Sayer, investisseur chez Newfund, et de Gabrielle Thomas, directrice des investissements chez BlackFin Capital Partners. - Le Pitch: chaque lundi soi...

L'arme la plus efficace de ces policiers est une appli mobile

Edicia in the News!

VIDÉO - Dans la panoplie des policiers municipaux de Maurepas, un smartphone qui grâce à une appli, les aide à verbaliser, informer, se connecter aux caméras de surveillance, rédiger leurs rapports mais aussi prendre des décisions et prévoir des événements en croisant avec un algorithme to...


June, 2018

FairMoney offers a digital credit scoring experience based on financial and behavioral data points.


Through a mobile application, users can register and receive a customize loan within 5 minutes. 


The company has offices in Paris and Lagos.

April, 2018

AdVitam offers funeral services 100% online. The services are the same as those of traditional funeral agencies and are directly selected by customers on the platform www.advitam.fr.


In addition, the company also takes care of administrative paperwork, physical and digital, following a death (social accounts, emails, subscriptions of the deceased ...).


The company is based in Paris.




March, 2018

Roofstreet has developed a proprietary technology enabling to calculate people's past and future journeys based on geolocalisation data.


Applications can serve the following sectors : transport and mobility, marketing and retail. Thanks to Roofstreet's technology, its customers get to better know their users and enhance their experience. Roofstreet transforms geolocalisation data into marketing intelligence, while ensuring full respect of RGPD rules.


The company is based in Paris.