Predictive geomarketing for retail locations optimization
Angel Gomez - Founder & CEO @ Roofstreet
Angel Gomez
Founder & CEO

"A few years ago, geolocation data was collected though put aside for later. Only Waze did a little prediction, but in reality there was no service that could make the user's life easier.", says Angel Gomez who decided to create Roofstreet in 2015. He wanted to optimize these trips.

After two years of research, the company has developed an artificial intelligence capable of analysing the geolocation data of millions of people, studying their past journeys, their points of interest and estimating their future journeys.

Roofstreet puts this artificial intelligence at the service of small and large retail players and commercial real estate brokers through an interactive geomarketing platform thats helps optimize their development strategy.

This platform enables them to choose the ideal location (complete store openings by comparing the exposure of potential locations with accurate studies), optimize their mesh size (establish a development plan through analysis of actual shopping areas and observation of competition) and improve their performance (increase visibility and in-store traffic with local marketing campaigns and an optimized budget).

Roofstreet is based in Paris.

Newfund Investor: François Véron