Mobile bank providing credit to the underbanked in emerging markets
Laurin Hainy
Co-founder and former CEO of LeStudio
Matthieu Gendreau
Co-founder and former lead developer at PriceMatch (Exit to in 2015)
Nicolas Berthozat
Co-founder and former of product at LeStudio.

Theorized in 1976 by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, micro-credit as a tool to develop entrepreneurship in emerging countries is back in the headlines. But how can we lend money to those who do not have access to banking services?

Predictus (ex-FairMoney) has found a solution by developing a short-term lending platform drawing on the collection of data from a borrower's mobile phone. The customer's creditworthiness is estimated by artificial intelligence. No documents are required, the process is 100% digital and credit can be obtained within 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The adventure began in Africa's largest economy, Nigeria, where only 3% of the population has a credit card. Predictus' three founders, Laurin Hainy (CEO), Nicolas Berthozat (COO) and Matthieu Gendreau (CTO) knew this market and decided in 2017 to help millions of underbanked people whose access to credit could change their lives

Newfund Investor: Augustin Sayer