Noria Water Technologies

Real-time monitoring and optimization of water purification
Sivan Sidney Cohen

Two-thirds of desalination plants and most wastewater treatment plants use the reverse osmosis process to treat and filter the water: the water is purified by passing through membranes that filter out fouling and scaling factors.

While the plants have visibility of the inlet and outlet, what happens inside the filtration instrument remains invisible. Until now, the only way to know the condition of the membranes was to stop operations and remove the membrane for analysis. 

Dr. Yoram Cohen, a world-renowned expert in polymer separation, and a team of researchers at UCLA have developed a solution that monitors the state of the membranes in real time.

Using computer vision and machine learning, Noria Water Technologies' solution alerts plant operators when scaling and fouling reach a certain threshold and provides recommendations on appropriate treatments, allowing the plant to save 30% of the associated costs. 

The start-up has begun to equip large treatment centers such as those in Santa Monica and the Orange County Water District in the United States. 


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