Real-Time Gas Analyzers Powered by Laser
Julien Roquette - Founder Blue Science and Industry
Julien Roquette
CEO & Co-Founder
Johann Georges des Aulnois - Blue Science & Industry
Johann Georges des Aulnois
Olivier Le Mauguen - Blue Science & Industry
Olivier Le Mauguen


Blue Industry & Science offers a range of gas analyzers dedicated to the continuous monitoring of critical molecules. The analyzers of Blue are used to guarantee that industrial processes are effective and do not pollute the environment. The analyzers are particularly relevant for critical applications, where traces of multiple process-specific pollutants need to be monitored.

A recent example is the continuous monitoring of traces of 6 molecules including Bromopropane, a molecule severely regulated and critical to the health of the population, for a world leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

Another recent example is the monitoring of Benzene, Toluene, Xylenes, Hydrogen Chloride, and non-methanic Hydrocarbons (NMHC) for an air surveillance network in China.

The analyzers are based on a proprietary technology, the first broadly tunable laser, in which the optical source has a spectral resolution of a laser (0.01 cm-1) but a much wider tunability (800 cm-1). This enables the analyzers to quantify in real time multiple molecules, at trace levels, but also to target heavier critical molecules that traditional laser-based analyzers cannot measure.

The company is based in Paris.

Newfund investor: Anne-Sophie Nedellec

Founded in: 2010