Newfund Nouvelle Aquitaine Euskal Herria (NAEH) - 12/14/2018
First FCPR VC fund dedicated to innovative start-ups in Nouvelle Aquitaine and the Basque Country

Newfund Nouvelle Aquitaine Euskal Herria (NAEH) is the first investment fund under the FCPR status dedicated to the development of innovative startups in Nouvelle Aquitaine (France) and the Spanish Basque Country.

Newfund NAEH will take minority stakes in unlisted companies by typically investing between €150k and €500k per opportunity, in order to build a diversified portfolio of at least 20 lines. It aims for a net return for investors of more than 7%.

We bring to Newfund NAEH all the methodology developed by Newfund. Newfund currently manages €230 million, almost all of which are subscribed by entrepreneurs, managers and family offices. Newfund has financed and supported more than 80 innovative companies since its creation ten years ago. The management company, Newfund Management, is registered with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), with all the associated guarantees in terms of rigour and protection of subscribers.

Newfund NAEH brings together people involved in the region's entrepreneurial fabric: entrepreneurs, business leaders and personalities. We want to put this network into action and maximize the impact of the investment through our local presence. 

We address LPs directly using modern technological tools, without the need to use traditional savings channels. Thus, the subscription can be done 100% online, at any time and in less than twenty minutes. Together we gain in efficiency and proximity.

Provided that the units of the fund are held for at least five years, a French tax resident investor is not subject to the income tax capital gains regime - all details in the brochure presenting the fund.

Newfund NAEH is registered with the AMF under the number FCR20180015.

The fund was constituted in May 2019 with €3.5M of commitments. It made its first investment in October 2019 with Le Grand Dressing. Newfund NAEH is still open to new subscriptions.


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