Final Close NEWFUND2 - €130M ($150M) - 09/24/2018
Newfund raises €130 million ($150 million) for its fund Newfund2
Newfund - Final Close Newfund2 - 130M€

Newfund raises €130M ($150M) for early stage investments in France and the USA.

  • The largest gathering of entrepreneurs in a French VC
  • The only French-American VC 100% early stage


Paris, September 24, 2018

Newfund announces the completion of the €130M Newfund2 fundraising campaign dedicated to investing in innovative companies in France and the United States.
Newfund now has a total of €230M assets under management (AUM).


Newfund is proud to have brought together in this fund the largest subscription base of entrepreneurs and HNW individuals for a French VC. Thus, 95% of subscriptions come from entrepreneurs, a certain number of whom were themselves accompanied by the founders of Newfund in the past. 65% had already subscribed to the Newfund1 and the Newfund team is heavily invested in the fund. 


Newfund2 is the only 100% early stage Franco-American fund.
Since 2014, Newfund has invested in 20+ American companies. Henri Deshays is partner since 2017. He is based in Palo Alto, CA.

$30M out of the €130M fund will be invested in US companies.


A 360° "people driven" investment strategy

Newfund's strategy is above all people driven and industry agnostic.
This strategy is reflected in the great diversity of investments: 

  1. Variety of sectors of activity: from Aircall, which is revolutionising company telephony, to Camping-Car Park, which is deploying a network of motorhome areas, to the surgical robots of Medtech SA, the nugget of online job search Jobijoba and FlexyBeauty, which is digitizing hair salons,
  2. Variety in geographical location: 25% of investments are made in the United States; 40% of French investments are made outside the Ile-de-France region.
  3. Variety of entrepreneur profiles well beyond the young graduates of the business schools.

In France, Newfund2 will invest tickets of between €500k and €2m in what is generally the first round of funding for the start-up open to a financial investor. In the US, Newfund2 writes checks in the $200k - $1M range.

François Véron, co-founder of Newfund: "The team is very pleased with the reception given to our second fund by our historical subscribers as well as by the new ones who have joined us. The very entrepreneurial profile of our subscriber base allows us to implement an iconoclastic strategy with non-formatted investment theses. Newfund is thus intended to be a fund of entrepreneurs at the service of other entrepreneurs. It is past successes that fund future successes."