How to break old rules - Fireside chat with Ilan Koskas - 09/4/2018
No Bullshit Conference #3

Ilan Koskas is the co-founder of FlexyBeauty, the start-up that is driving a revolution in hair salons in France.

Launched in 2014, his company now has 40 employees and has convinced more than 4500 customers in record time. Now market leaders, Ilan and his partner, Sébastien Baujard, have had the audacity to digitize a world that is not or only slightly connected, starting from the inside. In May 2018, FlexyBeauty closes a new Series A round at 7M€ with Serena Capital and Newfund.

Some themes addressed during this session :

  • How to set up a inbound marketing war machine?
  • Pragmatism or strategy? What are the choices to make in a phase of accelerated growth?
  • How and when to conduct financing rounds?
  • What pricing policy to attract customers?
  • How to break codes to go faster than the competition?

Ilan shares with us his inspiring journey and the steps that led him from the idea to becoming a must-have in his category!

Welcome to the No Bullshit Conference by Newfund #3.



On a regular basis, the Newfund team organizes conferences around a promising topic that makes sense for your profession, with ideas and convictions and without any political language or commercial motivation. That's why we call these events "No Bullshit Conference".

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