Will Green Finance really save the planet? - 09/4/2018
No Bullshit Conference #2
Beyond_Ratings - Green Finance

At the One Planet Summit in December 2017, heads of state expressed their desire to reorient finance towards sustainable investments. But will they come up against the principle of reality, "business as usual"?

Rodolphe Bocquet is the founder of Beyond Ratings, a start-up on the way to creating the first financial rating agency that systematically integrates environmental, social and governance criteria into its methodology. Rodolphe is also a member of the PRI's Fixed Income Advisory Committee, the international programme for the development of sustainable investment principles, and one of Europe's leading experts on the subject.

You want to understand what is behind sustainable finance, without bullshit?
Looking to see how to invest responsibly?
Would you like to get involved in a "Finance for Good" entrepreneurial project?
Are you trying to understand what concrete reality this can have on your daily life?
This No Bullshit Conference by Newfund is made for you.



On a regular basis, the Newfund team organizes conferences around a promising topic that makes sense for your profession, with ideas and convictions and without any political language or commercial motivation. That's why we call these events "No Bullshit Conference".

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